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Who said Tea is boring?

Mini Toucha

Mini Toucha. It has earthly smell with a hint of tobacco to me. Also, doesn’t it resemble woman’s bosom? May be i shall call it bosom tea!

Good Morning! Its raining lightly this morning in Glasgow. I am drinking tea and I thought to myself why not write about different loose teas that I have. I just love drinking tea but have no idea about some of the tea i have been drinking. So, I decided to read about some of them and post some pictures i have taken as well.

Japanese Sencha

Japanese Sencha.

I love green tea. All green teas have the sushi seaweed smell and grassy flavor. I am reading online now about what ‘Sencha‘ means and it says that it means whole tea leaves in Japanese and ‘Macha‘ means powdered tea leaves. ‘Shincha‘ refers to first pick tea ( first month of harvest of ‘Sencha’) and ‘Kocha‘ means old tea (left over from previous year). I have never visited any tea growing field. I would love to visit and learn about growing tea.

Dorian Grey

Black tea with Apple, Cornflower petals, Linden Blossoms

Tea can be creative. I love this combination. It has candy sweet smell and it doesn’t has the strong tea taste. Flower drinks and herbs always interest me. I haven’t really found a time to read books about edible herbs and flowers and their benefits. May be i should make some friends with herbalists and I would learn much more quickly.

black teas

Black Teas. Lapsang Souchong, English breakfast, Irish breakfast, Keemun . (left to right)

Lapsang Souchong is the dried tea leaves on the far left. It has distinctive smoky scent and flavor as tea leaves are smoked dried over pinewood fires. It gives a very rich and deep colored cup of tea. The smoky smell of this tea always reminds of the time i was a novice monk for a short time in the Buddhist monastery in my country, Myanmar, when i was a young boy. All of the meals for monks are cooked with a big copper pot over the pinewood fire in a open field in that monastery. The smell of burning pinewood was all over the place.

I found that English breakfast and Irish breakfast teas are better with milk and sugar. Unlike the other three black teas, Keemun has the flowery and fruity smell despite the similar look. I prefer Keemun without milk.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I think a tea blog could be a niche for you. There is a big market for this. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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